Stitchington retires abruptly

Thanks to everybody who submitted to Paisley Stitchington’s venture.

Unfortunately, although we received some really good stories, we did not receive enough strong pieces for the webzine to be viable.

Thank you to everybody who contributed or supported us.

I spoke to Paisley Stitchington earlier this morning via the marimba. He informs me that he intends to pursue other ventures, such as his plan to replace the Ditmars with a cage match wrestling fixture. I wish him well.


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Don’t try to find it on the map. You won’t be able to ! But now this strange Southern aisle is host to the world’s newest SF webzine!

Some background:

In 1823 Australian speculative fiction was in the doledrums. Sure, Samuel Parchment had just published his diatribe, “Some possible future uses for wheat”, but in the main there was nothing of interest for the speculative fiction reader, especially not online!

Fast forward to 2011.

A wealthy sandwich salesman, Paisley Stitchington, had a confusing dream. A dream in which he helped to found Australia’s first ever webzine!

There seemed little need for further research as to the truth of this claim.

Which brings us to today.

Paisley Stitchington’s Speculative Buggle is an online journal publishing fiction and “not fiction” from Australian authors. No longer will you have to go on uncomfortable journeys to the local haberdasher just to acquire an underhand copy of so-called “print books”. NO!!!

For now you will be able to READ FICTION from the comfort of your own armed chair. And possibly other locations. We have done minimal research on reading habits.

So where do you fit in?????

Paisley Stitchington’s Speculative Buggle is seeking submissions from Australian authors of science fiction, fantasy, horror, slipstream and all of their associated brethren genres and drunken uncles.


Length: up to 5000 words

Genre: any speculative genres – SF, F, H, slipstream, etc

Payment: $50

Submissions should be saved in rich text (rtf) format and emailed to:

paisleystitchington (at) gmail (dot) com

Please include a brief cover letter with your details (including your Australian-ness so we know you haven’t just spammed us) and approximate word count.

Turnaround: < 3 months

First world electronic rights.

Don’t sent multiple submissions. It makes you look like new money.

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